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Excellent Computer Vision Services To Enable You To Enhance Performance!

Vision analytics is one of the emerging technologies of today’s time. As it is being rapidly embraced, the technology has found its place among several industries. This is the concept in which a deep learning process is used on live videos or images that have been collected from different sources. We provide high impact Computer Vision Consulting Services.

Solving Real-World Business Problems With Computer Vision Consulting

In the times where the immeasurable amount of data is being produced online in the form of text, images, video, etc, it has become difficult for businesses to analyze and extract the information from all that data collected from various channels.

While data is being collected from different sources in different forms, it is essential that you know how to extract important & critical information, even from images, videos, etc. This is where vision analytics helps you.

Want to know more about how data analytics can help you?

What Can AtomBuild Do For You?

We at AtomBuild, being one of the leading computer vision companies in India, can help you get the best vision analytics solution to this problem. With our team of skilled and experienced data scientists, machine vision consultants and engineers, we are well-equipped with the skills needed to build a fine and refined vision analytics system for your business.


Image Recognition

  • Image Annotation & Classification

  • Feature extraction & Object Detection

  • Visual Search


Facial Recognition

  • Face Detection

  • Face Recognition or Identification

  • Face Attendance System

  • Emotion Detection

  • Face Grouping

  • Anti-Spoofing & Liveness Detection


Cognitive OCR

  • Image to Text Conversion

  • Custom Data Extraction from Documents and Images

Learn How Computer Vision Consulting Can Help You
Accelerate Your Business!

Why Choose Us?


Exceptionally Talented Team

We have a team of experts who can provide the best NLP services in the market. With their extensive experience and to the point approach, we provide excellent service to satisfy our clients.

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Excellent Customer Support

We at AtomBuild provide high-end customer support. Our client-first approach helps us build a relation between us and our clients.


Advanced Techniques & Technologies

We tend to keep ourselves up to date which in turn helps us be on the top when it comes to advanced technologies.

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